Sad Reality

How your memory hurts It hurts not to see you Not kiss you, Not touch you You are so far yet your memory haunts me I would like to search for you Yet I know any search would be in vain My time has passed As a shooting star passes I make a wish I…… Continue reading Sad Reality

A Poet’s Love

A woman is such a magical creature She is a mother, a warrior, a muse She can be the altar where a man worships She can be a cliff by the ocean, where men gather ready to dive into its cooling waters. She is the harbor where spherical curly mists are washed away Commanded by…… Continue reading A Poet’s Love


Another beautiful piece of advice given by someone with experience. We often forget that wisdom isn’t the result of just getting old or of our studies alone. Wisdom is developed through experience; through the “Hero Journey” of falling and getting back up, of making mistakes and learning from them. Wisdom isn’t found within any extreme…… Continue reading Medicine

Sad Awakening

He got up and stood in front of the mirror…It had been a long time since he had done this; he looked at himself; slowly taking in his reflection. He observed himself and without uttering a single word he felt a depth of sadness. Melancholy overtook him and he asked himself- when did this happen?…… Continue reading Sad Awakening

God According To Baruch Spinoza

Today I would like to share with you a bit of Spinoza’s ideologies which have touched my spirit.  For those of you who may not know about him, he was a Dutch philosopher of Portuguese origin and was considered one of the greatest minds of his time.  Many believed him to be an atheist (by…… Continue reading God According To Baruch Spinoza


You are the muse who haunts my dreams You are the inspiration to my soul You are the magick in my heart You are the light which illuminates the darkest of my nights Nights in which I long to possess you Taking you deeply until you can feel my soul The color of your skin…… Continue reading Muse