Sweet Sinner

Nude Figure Study,

(Rough Copy) I remain enigma even to myself I try so hard to dance with the roaring phoenix inside But now it demands to lead… To expand its wings and take flight. Its thirst still not satiated Sometimes I tremble at the horrors it hides Sometimes its pain and desires melt into one Who will…… Continue reading Sweet Sinner

The Philosophy of Death

Death is one of those topics which often makes people uneasy. We are accustomed to discussing death in small doses, such as the time when we lose a loved one; even then, the crude reality that they are gone, only manages to get us to reflect on the old memories, for we fear looking at…… Continue reading The Philosophy of Death

Simple Techniques to Slow Down a Busy Mind

We live in a frenetic world, where multitasking has become the norm. What used to be the ability to accomplish more things than one, or to pay attention to more things than one, has become the equivalent of doing many things at robotic speed, but never quite as well as we would, if we were…… Continue reading Simple Techniques to Slow Down a Busy Mind

Tantra: Pleasure & Feeling…Let’s Talk About Self-Gratification.

As modern as our society thinks it is, it still promotes dissonance by not addressing sexuality from a place of balance between pleasure and spirituality…. body and psyche. Instead, sexuality is either criticized or abused. On the one hand there are those who criticize sexuality and blame it for everything bad. On the other hand,…… Continue reading Tantra: Pleasure & Feeling…Let’s Talk About Self-Gratification.

Breaking Free: Understanding Why We Shut Down

It is natural for all of us to experience times in which we may shut down and feel the need to withdraw from a situation, person or the world in general. However, what happens when we do this most of the time? Can it be more harmful than helpful? — The answers to these questions…… Continue reading Breaking Free: Understanding Why We Shut Down

Managing Obsessive Thoughts

What I am going to share here are just some tips to hopefully help you manage obsessive thinking. Keep in mind, this article is based on my personal experience; what works for me; and based on my studies…it is not meant to replace your therapeutic sessions nor any medication you may be taking. At some…… Continue reading Managing Obsessive Thoughts

Love as a Language: Origin, Meaning, Union.

Over time some words get used so frequently that often one tends to start to deviate from their origin; as such we start to misuse the word to fit the society of the time. The word LOVE is not impervious to these changes. We seem to think of love in a very different way than…… Continue reading Love as a Language: Origin, Meaning, Union.

Breaking Through

This is a short story which holds in some way a reflection about life and our right to heal and to take chances. When our motivation is based on love, then we trust life will catch us….”Let me fall, if I do, the one I am becoming will catch me.” Breaking Through Alone I stand…… Continue reading Breaking Through


Girl watching the stars. Stars are my work, taken through teelscope. No elements of NASA or other third party.

(Rough Copy) With each step I take My feet create the journey I don’t know where I am going But in my mind I hold no worries The city feels as if empty While a cold breeze brushes my nose Despite the shivering of my bones My love for life only grows It is 3…… Continue reading HOPE