Why A Secret Wedding May Be The Best Answer

For some weddings are a beautiful thing, sometimes however weddings can be too much; specially if you find yourself in a situation where working on the guest list becomes a stressful thing. How do you go around dealing with guests and sitting arrangements in delicate situations where family feuds exist? The simple, effective and most…… Continue reading Why A Secret Wedding May Be The Best Answer

The Power Of Words and the Art of letting Go

Are you a leader or a follower? This question is one most people would rather avoid, as such the debate on who we really are and what we truly need continues.  In order to better understand which one of the two are we, and which can serve us best, we need to take a minute…… Continue reading The Power Of Words and the Art of letting Go

The 6 lessons of Enki

There are two “Gods” within Sumerian History which truly reflect the eternal dance of good and evil, Ying and Yang, darkness and light.  These two Gods were Enki and Enlil.  Today I am going to concentrate on Enki, whom by Sumerian History was humanity’s benefactor.  Sumerian History precedes the bible by hundredths of thousands of…… Continue reading The 6 lessons of Enki

Addictions: Pornography

We are all familiar with addictions, perhaps the ones most commonly known are alcoholism, drug addictions and of course pornography; however not many of us truly understand the causes behind pornography addiction and its ramifications. First let’s start by making sure we all understand the difference between sexual addiction and pornography addiction. One obvious difference…… Continue reading Addictions: Pornography

Alchemy: The 7 Hermetic Principles

What are the 7 Hermetic Principles? They are a set of seven timeless and extremely important laws/functions of the universe; which have been famously outlined in the Kybalion; a famous hermetic text. Let me give you a little background history…. In ancient Egypt there was a God named Tahuti; the god of writing; really the…… Continue reading Alchemy: The 7 Hermetic Principles

How to Increase Your Confidence and Self Esteem

Many of us struggle with developing true confidence and self esteem.  Our view of what confidence is has been distorted by the media to the point we buy the idea confidence is something which we can fake; forgetting confidence and self esteem are the result of continuous effort at becoming the best version of self.…… Continue reading How to Increase Your Confidence and Self Esteem

Egyptian Proverbs To Change Your Life.

Ever since I was a kid I’ve been fascinated by ancient cultures; specially the Egyptians and the Incas.  Through my growth as a metaphysical person I’ve come to discover so many wonderful teachings along the road.  Today I would like to share a few proverbs which can have deep impact in our lives…so long as…… Continue reading Egyptian Proverbs To Change Your Life.

Healing Your Past Within A Relationship

We all carry wounds within us; some more than others.  Some of us work hard to overcome the challenges such experiences may have left behind. Others try to walk away and not look back…most of my life I was more or less the second type.  Growing up I endured physiological and mental abuse; the abuse…… Continue reading Healing Your Past Within A Relationship

Neutrality: What Does It Mean?

Neutrality is a word seldom used to represent impartiality; however, in this day and age the true meaning of neutrality seems to have been lost, the word, more often than not, is used to deflect or hide. Nowadays we forget the term “neutral” was used to represent “proper conduct”, “objectivity”  an ability to adopt an…… Continue reading Neutrality: What Does It Mean?