Modern Irrationality

This article is based on Steven Pinker “The Four Horsemen of Irrationality”. It doesn’t take a lot to realize that despite the great preaching of positivism, modernly we are living in a society that is very much hostile; this of course is the result of not understanding the shadow. It seems it is hard for…… Continue reading Modern Irrationality

The Hidden Power of The Sexual Union

As I was re-reading some of my Tantric Books and old material, I came across a beautiful piece that focuses on the sexual wounds we carry, and which like childhood wounds, have tremendous impact on our lives. As such, I would like to share some of what I read with all of you…. Some may…… Continue reading The Hidden Power of The Sexual Union

Let’s Talk About Parental Wounds

I feel this subject is one we can all relate to, as all of us have parents/primary caregivers. Today I will focus on that mark, that imprint our parents or primary caregivers leave on us–ideas, conditionings, dogmas, limiting thoughts, which without realizing, subconsciously we absorb as children. Please know this article is not to judge…… Continue reading Let’s Talk About Parental Wounds

Let Love Flow in You

As mentioned on my previous articles, these days I a focused on what is important to me, what compliments my essence: Tantra, psychology, Shamanism, Philosophy, and close acceptance of certain aspects of my roots. During this process, these past few days have been quite challenging; it is never easy to accept you need to face…… Continue reading Let Love Flow in You

Tantra & Healing

These days I am focused on Tantra as I am working on healing areas of my life which I thought were healed, yet within the last week, I was reminded by life and my own actions and inactions, that healing, learning and expansion, are truly a spiral process–the more debris there is to clear (trauma),…… Continue reading Tantra & Healing

Enjoy Your Life…That is Success

Today I would like to propose for us to ponder on something which may seem simple yet it is vital…what really is success. We are often so caught up worrying that to be successful is to amass material things; yet from personal experience and from people I have met through my life or worked with,…… Continue reading Enjoy Your Life…That is Success

Healing with Intelligence and Compassion

I have often written on the danger of falling for extremes; in our desperation to run away from one issue we tend to readily embrace any solution no matter how drastic. In the wide spectrum of time, it wasn’t too long ago when patients with mental illness and disorders were treated like the pariah of…… Continue reading Healing with Intelligence and Compassion

Tantra: Educating Ourselves on Sexual Penetration

What I am writing here is based on my piece “Reflections: Pornography…the Silent Killer” and on the teachings of Osho; teachings which have inspired the style and techniques used by mentors and sexual educators such as Diana Richardson and Barry Long among others. Unlike pornography would like us to believe, mindless thrusting does nothing for…… Continue reading Tantra: Educating Ourselves on Sexual Penetration