Yoga & The Nervous System

Shirtless young man meditating while practicing yoga sitting with hands clasped at beach against clear sky during sunset

As I lead my yoga class, I realized once more how much not only did those in my class needed the time to destress and recenter, but so did I. When we struggle with anxiety, depression or PTSD we can get stuck into a spiral of negative thinking and worry more than necessary. All that…… Continue reading Yoga & The Nervous System

Gnosticism Part II

Gnosticism has caused so much controversy due to the fact dogmatic religions quite adamantly oppose it. Gnosis is a Greek word meaning “Knowledge”; not an ordinary state of knowing, rather an integrative knowledge which requires a particular state of consciousness–this particular type of knowledge aligns mind, body and spirit; you don’t just want to believe…… Continue reading Gnosticism Part II

Raising Emotionally Healthy Children

There are various strategies and educational tools which can help children develop and maintain mental health such as the substitution of negative thoughts for realistic thoughts, teaching to manage/channel their emotions and the learning of productive behavior even when faced with adversity.  The development of mental strength comes about with the building of resilience, self…… Continue reading Raising Emotionally Healthy Children