Understanding Gnosticism & Its History

In the past years, people have become more familiar with the terms Gnostic or Gnosticism; however, most people don’t know much about them and their history. Today I would like to share with all of you a bit about Gnosticism. It is often said Gnostics were a heretical minority sect which disappeared at the beginning…… Continue reading Understanding Gnosticism & Its History

Rhythm: Principle of Truth

Today I would like to share with you a bit more about ancient teachings, which are as relevant today as they were from the beginning of time; these teachings are scientific as much as spiritual and are not something man has discovered, rather something man is rediscovering and seeking to understand. Those familiar with Alchemy,…… Continue reading Rhythm: Principle of Truth

Rediscovering Our Inner God

This article is one which would be considered delicate due to the numerous points of views out there about who or what God is.  God to me isn’t a person but an infinite being who is not on the outside but within self.  The article here presented its written from a Gnostic point of view;…… Continue reading Rediscovering Our Inner God

Sacred Goddess/Sacred Prostitute: Rediscovering The Sacred Feminine

I have chosen to write about the roots and power of the sacred feminine from a historical & mythological perspective.  This subject is quite delicate considering what encompasses; as such if you are easily offended or not open to exploring history as it was vs what has been distorted and handed down to us through…… Continue reading Sacred Goddess/Sacred Prostitute: Rediscovering The Sacred Feminine