Reflection #7: Gratitude

How many times do we go through our day as if in autopilot? How many times do we crave to feel the magick of life yet tune ourselves out from it? We are so eager to “succeed” or to shut out the silence of life, that we have adapted no differently than a hamster in…… Continue reading Reflection #7: Gratitude


**Rough copy As I sat quietly at my favorite booth Enjoying my brief solitude Watching people’s expressions Imagining their lives I reached for my pen And started to write Suddenly the scent of musk hit my nostrils I looked up slowly, Curious at what my eyes would discover The ink spread all over the arms…… Continue reading Butterfly

Reinventing Myself

What does it mean to reinvent self? According to Longman dictionary, it means to do some differently from before in order to improve. Reinvention by other names could be equated to Change. Transform. Make different. Modify. Adjust. Shift. Evolve. Reinvention entails producing something new based on what already exists. It is not a rejection of…… Continue reading Reinventing Myself