On The Wings Of Freedom - Birds Flying And Broken Chains - Charge Concept

Life is a dream…. Do dreams ever become reality? Life is a dream they say Yet life is about awakening To dream doesn’t take much To dream one just has to be still Yet life is a rollercoaster Dreams and nightmares all mixed To live is to be reborn To open up your eyes to…… Continue reading Dream


Rough copy My life is but a sonnet of a story covered in mist A mountain I was to climb under the scorching sun No matter, my stubborn soul remained firm against adversity Over time discovering my diversity and humanity They tried to keep me inside a box To cut my wings so I may…… Continue reading Fury


(rough copy) The story is simple We are born We feel the warmth of a bosom We enjoy its sweet milk Time passes with you wrapped in innocence And life becomes limitless Gentle hands dry your tears Devoted love cleans the smears Your tears are met with sweet embrace You contemplate in wonder You contemplate…… Continue reading Time


This poem is dedicated to the memory of my father who passed years ago; a self made man who taught me the importance of never using people in order to get ahead. A poem written after my father passed, emotions all heightened; it speaks on its own, no explanation needed. (Rough Copy. To this day…… Continue reading Untitled