**rough copy. Night after night your image haunted me But tonight I am letting you go It is within my dreams that I see you I see your essence I feel your soul No matter how much I’ve tried to forget The echo of your voice kept playing back No one before has haunted me…… Continue reading Goodbye


Female silhouette on summit

**Rough copy What is life? A process, we seldom stop to recognize A quest, which in our ignorance we jeopardize Life, a journey we barely comprehend Beautiful Fearsome Fleeting A collection of just moments Moments of confusion Moments we regret Moments we admire Moments which set our soul on fire Like a beautiful Tango Life…… Continue reading Life


**Rough copy As I sat quietly at my favorite booth Enjoying my brief solitude Watching people’s expressions Imagining their lives I reached for my pen And started to write Suddenly the scent of musk hit my nostrils I looked up slowly, Curious at what my eyes would discover The ink spread all over the arms…… Continue reading Butterfly

The Destructive Power Of Rumours

At one point or another we have all been exposed to rumours, whether about ourselves or someone else.  Today I would like to take a deeper look at what rumours are, what they are use for,  their content and function. Are rumours reasons and emotions conjure up and conspire to produce harm? Do rumours build…… Continue reading The Destructive Power Of Rumours