Do Not Let Doubt Control you: Relying on Your Inner Resources

When things get tough, it is often common to feel as if we are drowning in a sea of problems. Our vision becomes “tunnel vision” and we stop thinking rationally; even worst, we don’t see any way out. If you are on the path of self-transformation, then you have discovered that it is not an…… Continue reading Do Not Let Doubt Control you: Relying on Your Inner Resources

Poetic Justice

Sad young Girl sitting, Black And White (Emotions) girl,black and white,hair,face,sad,shadow,light

Poetry is the expression of soul; however, many times people shy away from what I call “Raw Poetry”. Raw poetry is the type of poetry that brings to life subjects which many still find uncomfortable. Our society finds it easier to talk about sexual liberation yet still trembles whenever subjects such as mental and/or physical…… Continue reading Poetic Justice

Raising Emotionally Healthy Children

There are various strategies and educational tools which can help children develop and maintain mental health such as the substitution of negative thoughts for realistic thoughts, teaching to manage/channel their emotions and the learning of productive behavior even when faced with adversity.  The development of mental strength comes about with the building of resilience, self…… Continue reading Raising Emotionally Healthy Children