Rhythm: Principle of Truth

Today I would like to share with you a bit more about ancient teachings, which are as relevant today as they were from the beginning of time; these teachings are scientific as much as spiritual and are not something man has discovered, rather something man is rediscovering and seeking to understand. Those familiar with Alchemy,…… Continue reading Rhythm: Principle of Truth

Sacred Sexuality III: Alchemy

Before I go any further let me make something clear; this article is not meant to teach you Alchemy. You will not find the main keys nor answers to the complex processes of Sacred Alchemy within; anyone who says they can teach you Alchemy through an article, a simple book or quick practices is lying.…… Continue reading Sacred Sexuality III: Alchemy

Kundalini Rising

People often hear about Kundalini; seeing images of it on manuals, books, etc. Often people associate Kundalini with yoga yet such association is quite superficial. In a previous article titled “Kundalini Yoga”, I explained a bit further what real Kundalini Yoga entails and why most people should not attempt to awaken the Kundalini without proper…… Continue reading Kundalini Rising

Duality: Understanding Good And Evil

We live in a dual world; at the current level of “sleep” consciousness we live in, we use Polarity (Duality) to determine what is good or bad. We believe we use logic and reason, however many of us fall pray to a logic skew by our false ego. As human beings we are always looking…… Continue reading Duality: Understanding Good And Evil

Understanding Esotericism

What is esoterism? Esoteric is all that is hidden, that which is inside but has been forgotten– which generally refers to the spiritual veil. Esoterism involves the teachings of wisdoms, principles and divine laws difficult to understand or difficult to access by most people. In ancient times, it was only the “initiates” who would be…… Continue reading Understanding Esotericism

Chaos: An Alchemical and Psychoanalytical Perspective

In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order Carl Jung Recently I have been diving into a lot of “occult” material, revisiting teachings I grew up with as well as looking to expand my knowledge of Alchemy and its relations to the mind or what modern psychology calls Psychoanalysis.  I…… Continue reading Chaos: An Alchemical and Psychoanalytical Perspective

Alchemy: The 7 Hermetic Principles

What are the 7 Hermetic Principles? They are a set of seven timeless and extremely important laws/functions of the universe; which have been famously outlined in the Kybalion; a famous hermetic text. Let me give you a little background history…. In ancient Egypt there was a God named Tahuti; the god of writing; really the…… Continue reading Alchemy: The 7 Hermetic Principles

Egyptian Proverbs To Change Your Life.

Ever since I was a kid I’ve been fascinated by ancient cultures; specially the Egyptians and the Incas.  Through my growth as a metaphysical person I’ve come to discover so many wonderful teachings along the road.  Today I would like to share a few proverbs which can have deep impact in our lives…so long as…… Continue reading Egyptian Proverbs To Change Your Life.